Kimiball 2019

Hey KimiKrew!

Thank you all for coming in to play ball and helping us raise funds for the Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Check out the quick recap of our last event with Part 1 of the Photos. If you didn't get to join this round, be sure not to miss the next one! More pics to come so stay tuned ;)

Meet the Teams

On a cold Saturday afternoon, these 12 amazing teams came in to show their skills on the court to see who would be the Champion for the first season of KimiBall. The level of skill that these teams displayed was nothing short of awesome, and if you were there you’d be be sweating your socks off because of how INTENSE these players were playing.

  • Team TNO
  • Team EAT IT
  • Team Volley Llamas
  • Team Nun Yuh
  • Team Sukkama
  • Team How I Set Your Mother
  • Team ONE SET MAN
  • Team McBallerz
  • Team GIF Squad
  • Team U of T Dropouts
  • Team To Be Named
  • Team KIMI

Tournament Results

After an exciting day of epic matches, we congratulate Team ONE SET MAN as our very First Crowned Champions for KimiBall 2019!

  • Reigning Champions:
    Team ONE SET MAN
  • 2nd Place:
    Team How I Set Your Mother
  • 3rd Place:
    Team Sukkama

And that's a wrap!

We thank you all again for coming in to play for KimiKon’s first community event of the year. You helped us raise $1,100.00 for the Toronto Wildlife Centre. See you all again at KimiKon 2019 and KimiBall 2020!