Meet new people and bring smiles!

  • Hana Bunny

    Professional Cosplayer & Model

  • Welcome back fan favourite cosplayer, Hana Bunny to KimiKon 2019! Hana Bunny is an American cosplayer and model based in San Jose, California. She started cosplaying in 2009 and has completed more than 400 projects ever since. She takes pride in the ability to apply artistic skill and photo-manipulation into her own cosplay to bring the character to life as accurately as possible.
  • Doing her own photo-shoot and photo-retouch most of the time, Hana believes in everything self-taught and that a cosplayer can thrive to success independently. Hana has been a cosplay guest at different conventions both within the USA and internationally.
  • The motto of her cosplay career is to meet new people and bring smiles!
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