Cosplay doesn't have to break your wallet - you just need to get creative and try different methods!

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    Professional Cosplayers

  • We are The Wanpans Cosplay Team from Toronto - Kingulus and Yanapi. We love cosplaying characters from the same series and make all of our cosplays our self! We're doing our best to find the cheapest (and most likely recycled) materials that perform just as well as more expensive ones. We want to show our fans that cosplay doesn't have to break your wallet to look good - you just need to get creative and try different methods!
  • The first game we ever played together was Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - this was the first time Yanapi ever played Monster Hunter, and owned a hand held console! We fell in love with the Silver Rathalos and Golden Rathian hunter sets. We managed to assemble a pair of cosplays for the upcoming convention, and learned a lot more about foam than we thought we would. We were proud but didn't love the way they turned out (Rathalos was dropping shiny's everywhere). So after playing MH4U and MHG, we built our iconic Teostra set and the oriental Toka set. We tried new materials and new ways of making the armor, and more importantly, how to make cosplays that hold up better at conventions. 
  • We recently jumped on the Fate train and crafted the Berserker pair, Lancelot and Frankenstein. Our fans loved the Lancelot build and the color turned out just perfect. We hope you like him too! Lancelot is our most mobile full armor set yet - Kingulus can finally sit!
  • This year, Kingulus convinced Yanapi to play Dark Souls III (Yanapi's first Dark Soul game and first Steam game!). Please keep an eye out for our favorite NPCs Leonhard and Yuria at Kimikon!
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