The idea of bringing a character to life just felt amazing!

  • Yujean

    Official Kimi Mascot & Cosplayer

  • Favourite Colour: Anything Dark
  • Favourite Food: Shrimp
  • Favourite Animal: Atom the Dog
  • Favourite Anime Character: LUFFY ❤️ from One Piece
  • Hobbies: Workout, Watch Anime, Read Manga, Play Pokemon Go and Ragnarok Mobile.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself! Hello my name is Yujean! I love to workout so I can eat more.  I like to stay at home so I can binge watch animes and read mangas.  I also travel once a year to explore other countries, meet people and learn their cultures.
  • What got you into cosplaying? I just joined one of my friends in Anime North and I just fell in love with the cosplays. It was my dream to be part of an anime and cosplaying is allowing that dream to happen. The idea of bringing a character to life just felt amazing.
  • Where  do you see yourself in future cons? I want to continue participating. I want to portray more characters that I can connect with and are very interesting and challenging. I love learning about the characters and cosplaying them just makes all the creativity to the next level.
  • What is your Goal for KimiKon 2019? Kimi is an amazing character. Being able to bring her to life and interact with the people as Kimi will be a great pleasure. My goal for KimiKon is to be able to get people to know the character a little more. Who knows we’ll get more anime/cosplay lovers to dress up as her on the next con!
  • What is your advice for young cosplayers? Do it because you will love it and make sure to have fun with it too. Don't ever think that you are doing it for work or for someone else, dont think to much just do it! 
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