Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Hey you! We’re so happy that you are part of the Kon, and as we all know that with all great fun comes great responsibility attached. In order to help us deliver a great experience for you at the Kon, whether you’re an attendee or exhibitor, we must observe a few of our house rules during the Kon.

Without further ado, please read and abide by the following rules:

By attending the convention, you have read, understood, and agreed to the following rules and regulations:


KimiKon is vitally interested in the ongoing health and safety of our employees, as well as that of our clients, visitors and guests. KimiKon has adopted this policy to ensure that we minimize the threat of injuries associated with weapons or props on our premises. As such, possession of a weapon is prohibited while on company premises and anywhere else that company business, is conducted. Due to the nature of our business a series of guidelines for safe weapon and prop rules have been established.


1. Prop Check Desk
2. Guns and Projectile Weapons
3. Swords, Blades, Knives and Other Melee Weapons
4. Prop Weight and Shape Restrictions
5. Items Purchased while at KimiKon
6. Important Legal Stuff

Photography, Video, and Other Media

You are now entering a Monitored and Controlled Facility. Be advised that Audio Visual Technicians are on-site, so filming and recording will take place throughout the event.

We appreciate great cosplay, phenomenal weapon display, and dazzling craft. Therefore, before taking any pictures and other forms of recorded media, we would well advise attendees and participants to acquire explicit consent of the individual/cosplayer, and to make sure that we do not obstruct any moving traffic at the Kon venue, nor block any exits.

Other considerations:

Smoking and Intoxication

Food and Beverage

Ticket Refund Policy

Should a person be unable to attend KimiKon 2019 for any reason, they may be able to get a refund on their tickets from the following deadlines:

Ticket types that are non-refundable, but 100% Transferrable:

Additional Items

KimiKon reserves the right to verify the legitimacy, and authenticity on all tickets. Production, redemption, and distribution of bootleg KimiKon 2019 tickets will result in grave repercussions and is punishable by the governance and criminal laws of the province of Ontario, and the country of Canada.

Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


Booth Space

Exhibitors may share their booth space as follows:

If you are uncertain if something is acceptable, ask KimiKon Staff. The acceptability of materials is at the discretion of the KimiKon Area Director who may request the removal of any offending pieces.

  • Exhibitor Refund Policy: Should an Exhibitor (merchandise vendor/Artist alley) be unable to attend KIMIKON 2019 for any reason, they are able to get a refund on their booth Purchases from the following deadlines.
    • From March 19- May 20, 2019: 100% refund with no administrative Fee
    • From May 21 – June 29,2019: 75% refund less $15.00 administrative Fee
    • From June 30 – July 31, 2019: 50% refund less $25.00 administrative Fee
    • From August 1 -September 29,2019: Non - refundable
    For Refund requests or questions please email exhibitors@kimikon.ca
  • Product Guidelines

    Sale of items that are unlicensed, or has not been given proper authorization to reproduce, replicate for distribution, and/or sold for profit is strictly prohibited and shall not be authorized to sold at KimiKon 2019.

    However, the vendor reserves the right to prize the said item out at no cost to the recipient.

    NSFW Merchandise

    KimiKon allows the sale of NSFW items, but Vendors and Artist must bear in mind that KimiKon is still a family friendly event, and must keep the display(s) of their NSFW products/Art, or similar Adult-friendly material out of the general sight of general view of minors. Sale of NSFW products/items is subject to an ID CHECK strictly done by the artist/vendor.

    Any Exhibitors found to be selling inappropriate items to minors will be terminated immediately without refund, and will be asked to leave the venue. If you have any questions about the suitability, and or appropriateness of item you wish to sell at KimiKon, please contact us at exhibitors@kimikon.ca.


    Food and Beverage

    Food and Beverage Authorized Vendors at KimiKon: