Volunteer Opportunities

Kyle Doroja

Hello, my name is Kyle and I'm the senpai for the section of Kimicafé the official dessert and beverage themed café for KIMIKON and I'm your typical introvert who likes watching anime (mostly of the romcom and isekai types) and playing video games during my spare time such as LOL and Animal Crossing. What brought me to KIMIKON was my interest of events and event planning as well as a recommendation from a friend to volunteer for this amazing event and I'm glad she did cause with my abilities I was able to prove my worth and learn the ways of being a kouhai and senpai in roles I didn't expect. What I love about being a senpai for my section of KIMIKON is that I get to teach the volunteers and myself customer service skills which can be used when job hunting and as well as use my creativity and ideas when creating ever changing menu items every year to make it even bigger and better then before to satisfy all our guests needs when they come to our café.